LueTay a 20 years old from Guernsey, Channel Islands. A variety of skills in the creative industry makes her one to look out for; An independent
singer/songwriter and all round performer. Trained in musical theatre as
well as contemporary music, she has performed in numerous local shows,
Dance Festivals, Dance World Cups and local Eisteddfods, since the age
of 3. A previous pupil of the Guernsey Academy of Theatrical Education
("GATE") where she studied up to grade 6 in ballet, tap and modern, as
well as taking theatre and street dance lessons. Luella is currently
finishing a BA honours degree in vocals at The Academy of Contemporary
Music, Guildford. However, due to circumstances she is applying all her
creative knowledge of performing, modelling and fashion styling to
form a variety of job opportunities that will help her further in life.
LueTay, known for her performing - specifically singing, vocal control,
captivating and emotional performances. She is recognized for her
style: quirky, bold as well as her fashion style and determination.
Throughout her life she has always strived in the creative industry,
winning a considerable amount of awards in her creative disciplines;
performing in many productions and countless competitions,
obtaining her the appreciation and commendation from many fans.
Creatively gifted, LueTay's aspires to be versatile in the creative
Experiencing many professional opportunities in musical performance,
attending multiple auditions as well as building her brand and merchandise,
whilst continuing to further extend her repertoire and knowledge in the
music industry. Finishing her degree, recording for her YouTube channel
and waiting on audition results, she aims to create a larger platform
and brand for herself - collaborating with other creative
industry professionals.