"Why is it okay for someone to post a bikini shoot, yet boudoir is wrong?"

After years of trying to get a “healthy weight” I finally am the healthiest and most positive I have ever been! I recently got told I have adhd and dyslexia...since that information I’ve been trying to accept my flaws rather than fight them. 

This shoot was to help me look at myself from a different perspective, to realise that under all the baggy clothes is a beautiful body!

As some people will know in 2018 I hit the lowest I have ever been, it was partly to do with moving away and just me being insecure about myself and what I am capable of. I did not like where I was staying in the UK, I also hated being away from family and friends . I was not eating properly and was going on nights out to distract myself.

I soon realised that sometimes you just have to remember

that not everyone will think you are pretty, or perfect.

Some will give you hate for what you wear and how you

look, and just how you are, but that is life and the only

thing you can do about those people is tell them where

to shove it cause “if you can’t love yourself how in the hell

are you gunna love somebody else” (RuPaul) I work hard, I

dress the way I want too and the only opinions I take are

ones that will help me grow, not put me down! 

A massive thank you to my family, GSY and uni mates for

keeping me sane all final year! Thank you for putting up

with me throughout everything!