Private Vocal Coach

"A wonderful, happy, hard working talented girl with a very strong work ethic. LueTay has worked tirelessly to improve her voice. Beginning with a relatively small range, now, several years later with a lot of hard work, her register is vast - bottom E below middle C to top A above upper C and the whole register is even and is seamless when going through the break - a testament to her hard work and talent. Luetay over the years has become a very versatile singer. I am looking forward to watching her career develop"​


Professional Photographer for Evoke Photography

"I've had the pleasure of working with LueTay 

over a number of years. She is both confident 

and outgoing, which shines through in the 

quality of work that we produce whenever we work together. She is a natural performer that has a true gift to share with the world"


Principle of Guernsey Academy of Theatrical Education

"Luetay is a wonderful student whose determination and drive has never faltered. LueTay  shows great promise in all areas of performing and has never shown anything but great enthusiasm and great dedication for all the subjects she takes; she always 

gives 100% in her classes and on stage"​


Singer Songwriter & ACM Guildford Tutor 

"LueTay is engaging and a down to earth performer who approaches live performance with enthusiasm and conviction, she is able to take constructive critique and apply what is necessary to take her abilities to the next level"

John gallen

Production & Previous Tutor at ACM Guildford

"I recorded Luetay and I was impressed with her excellent vocal sound and performance. She has a professional attitude in the studio and 

responds really well to production guidance"

toby drummond

Freelance Drummer & ACM Guildford Tutor

"LueTay is a fantastic artist who has been a pleasure to work with at the ACM. A professional attitude & brilliant work ethic and is certainly an artist to look out for in the future"